Chasing Sunsets #6

If summer sunsets are beautiful, Autumn sunsets are breath-taking!

As I told you before I’m quite a sunset chaser and well, that’s what I’m sharing with you today. I’m sharing photos that I took this week in Serra da Arrábida, a place where the beach, the ocean and the woods come together in one beautiful and magical place.




This is the place where I go to when I need to clear my head, to relax or to enjoy a great day with friends or alone. This place never disappoints me, never fails me, and above all, always give me amazing views and the great sunsets I’ve ever seen. After years and years of exploring this place I know where I can find the hidden treasures that aren’t of public knowledge

If you are a sunset lover, just like me, I’m sure you are going to find this pictures as inspiring and breath-taking as I do. 

What are your favorite spot to watch the sunset? Share them with me, I’m always collecting sunsets around the world!

PS: Check my favorite sunsets here and here


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