My best tips for Hiking

How many of us programmed a hiking day either it’s when you are in another country or when you are in your hometown? Well, I have.

And sometimes we get there and we realize that we’re not ready, after all. Because we’re missing something or whatever the reason may be.

world-dreaming-blog-travel-hiking-europeToday, and to avoid that happen to you again, I’m sharing my best tips for a hiking day.

The 10 essentials you must carry in your bag pack:
1. A small camera to record your favorite views & moments. I always like to film for a bit instead of only taking photographs.

2. For your orientation you must carry a map, a GPS or a compass. Something to guide you, even if you are in a area that you know pretty well. Sometimes a little detour may get you lost, so don’t take any risk.

3. Sun protection is also a must carry. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy is always important to carry sunscreen and lip balm. If you think you also need one, don’t forget your hat!

4. Illumination is also needed. This means a flashlight and extra batteries. Even if you are thinking “but it will be daylight, I will get home or to the car before dark” or something like this. But image this: what if you find the coolest cave and want to explore but you couldn’t see anything? Boring, right? It happened to me, so now I carry a flashlight, just in case.

5. You must also carry a pair of binoculars. Just because yes, and it’s funny and you may want to check something. So yes, binoculars.

6. A first-aid kit. You don’t know what could happen, right? A cut or a sprain. Better save than sorry!

7. Your cell! Don’t even need to explain why is needed!

8. You may also want to carry a bag for collecting trash, because you don’t want to throw garbage into the trill.

9. One great addition is also a quick-dry towel because my favorite place to hike is also in the coast so sometimes I may want to walk near the water.

10. The last thing you may need is an emergency shelter (they are quite handy!).

The other things you obviously need are: good shoes, trill appropriated if possible, a comfy cloth and you are ready. My favorite thing for dressing for hiking is to have multiple layers of cloths, a t-shirt, a sweater and a jacket (if winter) or a t-shirt and a lighter jacket (if summer). This way you get to undress or dress according to the weather.

Of course, and the most important thing, you need to have a bottle of water (just one is enough for a day) and some snacks like energy bars and other snacks you may like. It’s preferable to eat little snacks than eat a big lunch!

You may also want, and I totally thing this thing is also pretty important, to inform someone of your hiking plan, just in case, you know?

And now that you have everything you need, happy hiking! Enjoy!!

PS: Have I forgot something you usually take with you?
Let me know in the comments below.



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