24 hours in Brussels

If you are thinking about heading to Brussels for a short period of time but you still want to see as much as you can of this fairytale look-like city, this post is the post you need to read before traveling.

World Dreaming Blog Brussels Grand Place.jpg

First, besides all the cold you might get while you are there, the best way to move around the city is by foot. The metro, is “cheap” [€ 1,70] and is also a great option but I always say that to see a city you must walk and walk everywhere.

The first stop is, without a doubt, the Grand Place which, honestly may look small when you get there but it’s still so magnificent and it will just let you mouth drop.

While you are in this part of the town you should definitely thinking about eating a Waffle [with nutella!!] because what can be the best food after exploring a bit of the city!?

Then you can visit the Manneken Pis, which is a 5 minute stop (maximum) and then explore the Bourse Quarter and all the surrounding area in the Grand Place.
I reccomend the Royal Galleries Saint-Hubert and also a quick look to the Central Station

World Dreaming Blog Brussels Galeries.jpg

Then a quick visit to the Royal Palace and the gardens where you can seat a bit for lunch to enjoy the famous Belgian fries

After lunch you can up in the metro in the Parc station (or walk, of course!) and then choose if you want to visit the Cinquantenaire Park and to see, once that is so close the European Institutions or the other option, to visit the Atomium (in this case I suggest you to use the metro) to enjoy that amazing view over the city!

For dinner I would definitely suggest going again to the Grand Place and eat in that very touristic restaurants because once in a while we must do something very touristic in one city and then head over to a bar to try the amazing Belgian beers. I would suggest: a la Morte Subite, Delirium Cafe or one of my favorites, the Monk Bar in Saint Catherine.

PS: Don’t forget to check my post about the 5 cliché things to see in Brussels here.


12 thoughts on “24 hours in Brussels

  1. I super loved the Central Station there! It’s like a step back in time. Reminds me a bit of Grand Central in NYC, actually! Great tips. I’ll be sure to check all these out next time I’m there.

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  2. Brussels is somewhere I really want to get back to – I went as a child and really didn’t appreciate it, but I’m taking notes for my next visit. I agree that in order to really see a city and get a feel for it, you need to walk everywhere!

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  3. This is great little daytrip itinerary, thanks! I’m also a big fan of walking, walking everywhere. And umm….waffle with nutella? Yes please!

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  4. I went to Brussels once and all I did was eat waffles with everything sinful in it! Ah, so good! Only been to the Atomium and Manneken Pis! I didn’t know it was THAT tiny, seriously! I was expecting a huge statue! Silly me! Next time, I’ll explore more with your tips!

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  5. I haven’t been to Europe at all yet, but will be moving to Spain with my husband soon, and plan on going EVERYWHERE when we get settled in! I’ll definitely be consulting this post again when I start my European tour 🙂

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    1. That’s great! I live in Portugal, border with Spain, if you ever need tips to explore Portugal let me know. I will gladly help you ☺️ hope to read all about your European tour!


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