Signs you need to travel more

Nowadays everyone values travelling and discovering new cities and new places.

Wanderlust is the name given to this “disease”, to the desire of travelling and discover the world. And everyone is being infected by it.

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Well, you dream of travelling, but are you really up to it or you are just caught in your daily routine and couldn’t be bored to plan a trip to anywhere?

Well, let me know that it’s time to escape the routine, pack your bags and go somewhere.
I know this sounds pretty awesome in theory but it can also be awesome in practice.

Today I’m sharing a few signs that will make you realize that you actually need to stop procrastinating and go and discover other cities.

The first sign is that you are stuck in a routine.
Either it’s work from 9am to 5pm or university or you are just in you couch watching series, you are caught in this crazy routine that it can not be what you want to do while spending time here on earth.

The other sign (and the one that makes me book a ticket every time) is living your friends travels through their Snap or Instagram photos.
Of course, it’s great that your friends are travelling and having fun, and it’s great to see what they are seeing and doing while in Beijing, in Amsterdam or in New York. But I mean, it wouldn’t be awesome if you could that for yourself too?  Go on, discover that cities for yourself!

You and your group of friends always say “we should make a trip together” but then you never go anywhere. This is also a sign that you need to pack and go.
It’s great to travel with friends, but when you realize that it’s just a plan and it won’t work why wouldn’t you travel by yourself? It’s a great way to make new friends and to inspire your friends to travel with you next time.
Maybe it won’t be a plan anymore.

You always say that you would love to go to somewhere but you don’t have money.
Well, this one I think it’s the most common and reasonable motive to not to travel. But have you really done everything you could to get a job and start saving some money? Or do you already have a job and you still don’t save any money?
Well, they are so many ways to save money for you travels! You just need to want it enough and being able to make that extra effort. Go for it!

These are the main signs or excuses you make to not to travel. If you have them you should definitely make a trip and it doesn’t have to be a trip to another country! You really know your country super well? Well, go on. 


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