10 Things I never travel without

When you are a traveller there are a few things you cannot just travel without! Everytime that I go on a trip I already know that these 10 itens must always be in my tote bag.

World Dreaming Blog travel carry on essentials.jpg

Today I’m sharing the 10 things I never, and I really mean never, travel without:

1. iPhone & iPad or Mac Book

Two of these things always, I mean always, go everywhere with me, every time, even if it’s just to go to work. 

2. Sunglasses

Because they are great for everything: hiding jet-lag or just for those days that what you really want is to seat in a outdoor cafe or in a beach somewhere.

3. Scarf

Simple and cosy and they are the best thing to combat the airplane air-conditioning that always makes you feel like you are in North Pole.

4. Notebook

I always prefer to write every little though or idea that I have. I know that we live in the digital era but I still like to write on paper and with a pen.

5. Book

Waiting can be boring. Even when you are at home and you need to wait for the bus or anyone or anything else. For me a book is always a must to carry around!

6. Little bag with everything I may need

Is in this mini bag that I carry my lipstick, a small mirror, my portable charger, chewing gums and face & hand cream.

7. Bottle of Water

Because water and you always show have one to be hydrated. 

8. Wallet

Usually I use a big wallet but when I’m traveling I change it for a smaller one and I leave all those discount cards at home because I won’t need them.

9. Chargers

My charges always go with me in my tote bag and not in my carry on.

10. Camera

Currently I’m using my Canon 100D to capture all the trips and everything but I’m thinking about changing it for a small and more light version.

Of course when traveling don’t forget you passport! Please don’t forget it!

What do you take in your bag when traveling? Let me know in the comments below.

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