Traveling Light

We all know that moment when you are packing and you think that you need everything, that you need to bring all the house along with you.


Traveling light means that you only take really and I mean really what is necessary. So in my last trips I’ve been only packing with a carry-on.

There are several advantages in only taking a carry-on and the most important is: if you are in Europe and traveling in a low budget air companies if you use a carry-on you don’t need to pay the extra fees.

See, you are already saving money (and then you can travel more!!).

Now, the clothes. You really don’t need to take everything you have in your closet. I know this is difficult specially if you are a girl… But well even if you take a few itens with you, you can always wash your clothes in the hotel sink.

 So, don’t over pack, save money and enjoy your trip!

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