Autumn is Back

It’s official: Autumn is back! Okay, okay, tomorrow… But still! It’s finally here!!

I’m so obsessed with Autumn and with everything that comes with it that I just couldn’t wait any more for it to arrive!

In some parts of the planed you can already feel (and smell) Autumn since the very beginning of September, however here in Portugal, people still talk about the last summer days and everything else.

For me Autumn is all about the colorful leaves and hoodies and crisp hair and, the most delicious pumpkin and apple pies. 


A few days ago I made a Autumn Bucket List that you can check here. The season haven’t started yet and I have already completed a few of them.

If you want to discover which European cities are the best to visit in the Fall don’t forget to check my post about it here.

Enjoy the most beautiful season of all! 

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