Brooklyn in Lisbon

With Fall coming up and the outdoor bars closing it’s time to search for some new places around your hometown.

This great place is one of my last finds in Lisbon. This little caffe is called “Brooklyn Lisboa” and it is such a great place with a unique decor that had me wish for colder days.

Brooklyn 1.jpg

This year I will start to write my Master’s Dissertation and I love to work in public places. My concentration improves a lot and so as my focus in my work. When I work at home I always get distracted by everything and anything. In these kind of places it does not happen.

Brooklyn 2.jpg

So yeay, I’m just so happy that I found another great place in the city where the decor is gorgeous, the food is delicious and the people are the nicest!!

Brooklyn 3.jpg

Another point in favor of this little caffe in the center of Lisbon (Praça da Alegria) is that is so good and so cheap comparing to another new/not tradicional caffes! If you ever find yourself in Lisbon make sure to pay them a visit!

See more about this Brooklyn (in) Lisboa here: 

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