Autumn Bucket List

Similar to the Summer Bucket List today I’m bringing you guys some inspiration and with that my Bucket List regarding the up coming season and my favorite of all: Autumn

There are no words to describe how much I love this season: the pretty colors, the cozy cloth, the bonfires, the hot chocolate, well, everything! What’s not to love?

Autumn Bucket List.jpg
This photo was taken in Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra (Portugal)

As promised here it is my absolute to do’s for this season that starts right on 22nd of September:

  1. Bake an Apple Pie;
  2. Watch at least one horror movie;
  3. Go apple picking;
  4. Crave a pumpkin;
  5. Go running like a little kid in the middle of the leaves;
  6. Go trick-or-treating;
  7. Have a bonfire with friends;
  8. Go on a getaway trip;
  9. Have a picnic;
  10. Host a thanksgiving  dinner with friends.



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