Exploring Around

Exploring Around 1

I spent this weekend trying to do some different activities.

Saturday I chose to go exploring a bit around my town. When I found this huge house that everyone said it was “haunted” I just had to get in and try to see what the fuss is all about.

Needless to say that it was super creepy and I didn’t even got in the house because we kept hearing noise – not sure if someone lives there or if it was just my imagination. But in doubt I will not get close enough to this house at night. 

Exploring Around 2

I was so happy for doing a new and different thing that I promised myself to always try to do different things, at least once in a week. We get so caught up at work or school that we forgot to live, to enjoy the little things. 

For me this stops today. Here’s to new and different things. 


One thought on “Exploring Around

  1. Yeah, being adventurous and doing different things are always good options to challenge ourselves. But mostly, it is very important to focus on ourselves and do something we love: reading a book, watch an episode of our favourite series, see the sunset. Love your decision to make different things. Keep us posted with your adventures!


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