Everyday should be a beach day

Living close to the beach is something I think that I don’t appreciate as much as I should.

I mostly go to the beach in winter time because it’s where I feel more connect to the sea, that wild and crazy waves that can make anyone fall in love. That is when I like to go to the beach.

This year I am taking every little moment that I have to go to the beach, mostly the end of afternoons so that I can enjoy the sea and the sunsets.


Last week I went to the beach for a little while and when I was about to leave – it was really windy! – I just saw this amazing light and I just wanted to enjoy it to the most.

So I stayed for a little just for that, to enjoy the little things. To hit pause for a bit, to understand what really matter, take are those little things that at the end of the day make all the difference.

Try to remember that next time you are doing something different, something outside your daily routine, try to enjoy the little things.



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