24 Hours in Salamanca

The best way to explore Salamanca is by foot and there is no point to say the opposite. Salamanca is a very beautiful city, one of the oldest in Spain and is very well known for all the university students you can see there! It’s a city full of life and young students all around.


When it comes to the top things to see, the things that you must absolutely to see even if you’re in the city for a few hours, are: the Old and the New Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor – that you can see below – and the Casa de las Conchas, that you can also see below. 


When in the Plaza Mayor enjoy the diversity of people all around and you can also enjoy a couple of fresh beers or sangria or you can also make a lunch/ dinner break and eat the most famous meal in Spain: paella!


The Casa de las Conchas, above, is also very close to the University that you can also explore if you want to see one of the oldest universities in Spain. I also bought here my Salamanca Universidad sweater that is so very cute!!


Keep in mind that walking all around thought the beautiful streets is the best way to discover a city, especially if the city is not too big. Also, one of the best things about Salamanca is that they have a lot of city maps available all over the city.

And, of course you can’t forget about the Spanish night life – about this all I have to say is that all pubs across the city are a great stop to make the most of it.


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