Time with Nature

Sometimes your daily life is so overwhelming that when you fell you’re about to explode it is time to take a deep breath, go to a relaxing place and just do nothing for a couple hours or a couple days.

For me this last weeks have been incredible but also very hard because every change in life can be hard. After 3 weeks I finally know I’m fully adapt to this new working life and also realized that taking a deep breath, doing something that you love can be exactly what you need to realize what things haven’t changed that much.

This weekend was time for relax, to appreciate the little things.

I drove for a couple works to the South center of Portugal, that beautiful region known as Alentejo, until I parked outside of the road and saw this beautiful landscape. I just grabbed my camera, took a few photos and seat quite for a while, reading one of my favorite books. 


For me, being alone in the nature – in a park, in a field of grass with trees or even at the beach [which are quite busy this time of the year] helps me every time to relax and to realize what I want to do.

If you are like me and you fell that your life in the city, whatever the city may be, is getting to overwhelming remember that it’s time to take a little pause and appreciate all the good and little things in life, you just have to discover your relaxing activity and start doing it.



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