Beach Weather

This year this beach weather is arriving pretty late here in Portugal.

Usually my first beach day happens in April but this year it only happened this weekend.

I’m not the biggest fan of beach or too hot, but today was the perfect weather for a couple hours at the beach. There was  bit of wind and the sun was shining that I knew that this had to the be the first beach day of the year.


Today I choose this beach that is know for the big waves.

Everyone says that here the ocean is quite rough and everything but for me this only makes me happier because I can take beautiful photos of the waves – sadly there was not any surfer today. But I still got some beautiful snaps that I was dying to share with you.


This beach is outside Lisbon and it’s called Meco Beach.

If you ever visit Lisbon and want to go for a day at the beach and avoid the big crowds this is definitely the place to be. Also they have amazing places with sea food and great views. And the best of all: the sunset is over the ocean. So beautiful. So different.


Share with me your favorite beaches from all over the world! Would love to see them all!!


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