Tips for surviving an early work schedule

If you’re not typically a morning person, having an early work schedule can be difficult.

Sometimes it is difficult for me too even though that I am a morning person – that strange kind of persons that even on weekend is up at 8 a.m., 9 a.m. top.

As I’m starting a new job next Monday and will have to get up pretty early in the morning I remember that I could share some of my best advices for surviving to this waking-up too early kind of job.


My first advice and one of the more difficult one is: don’t hit the snooze button!
I mean it, just don’t. You will regret after. The moment you hit it is so good because you can sleep more 6 or 8 minutes but when you get up it will be much more difficult. Trust me.
Just get out of bed – even if it’s cold or if you’re too tired. Afterwards it will make you fell better. (I don’t even blame you if you don’t trust me in this at first, but just try).

My second advice is: let the natural light in.
Of course, if possible. If it’s Winter or you get up extra extra early maybe you could give it a try to that boxes that try to simulate the sunlight. It’s not much, but it could be enough.

Another advice is: listen to some music.
Make a playlist or just put your favorite band playing. You will get ready with more energy and of course you will also start the day with another energy and that will show at work and in your personal live.

Yet another tip that I’ve said before: always eat a good breakfast.
Don’t go for the “I will just eat on my way” or “I will eat something at the office”. Eat a good breakfast at home. For me this usually means toasts and a latte or yogurt with muesli and fruit.


My last tip is prepare everything you will need in the night before.
And yes, this also means your outfit. This will make you save time in the morning.

Some people also advice also to make some light exercise or to drink a glass of cold water. I don’t use any of these advices but maybe it can work for you…

You’ll just have to figure what are the best tips for you.
Have a great weekend & think on some of these tips for the next week.

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