Village Underground Lisboa

Today was one of those Sundays that you wish you could repeat it every week. 

Today was one of those days when you could finally see your friends after a long time without seeing them.


Today, just after lunch you decided to explore one of the cool places of Lisbon, one place that is different. One place that takes you to another place, a place where freeness and recklessness is all around.

This place is called Village Underground Lisboa. It’s just a combination of containers that are painted with colorful gratifies and with old buses. 

This place is a obligatory stop in Lisbon if you like different spots to discover in a city. For me today was the first time I went here and it’s so different of what you’re used to that you just fall in love in one second [or something].



Besides all the different things you can see, the containers with colorful walls are just perfect for some different pictures. Like I said: a obligatory stop in Lisbon!


And here it is the little caffe in a double deck bus. Such a different and lovely idea.

Completely in love with this place! Hope you are too. 

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