My Europe Travel Wish-list

When I was 18 I decided I was old enough to travel without my parents. Alone or with friends that would be how I would travel for the next couple of years. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel with my parents, but it’s different.

So I made a list of cities in Europe that I would really really like to visit. The ones that are an absolute most, the ones that I must visit in my twenties.
Of course that I was completely aware that I have this inexplicable fear of flying. So I would need to do it slowly so that I could get used to being up in the air.

This list that I made had 10 cities {my original one is enormous and I had to be quit realistic about that, so yeah, 10 cities isn’t that bad, I guess}, some of them in the same country. Today I’m sharing you with that list.

In 2010 I spent a week in Barcelona with friends. Even though I had visited it, I want to go to Barcelona again because 6 years later the city is different and so am I, so I believe I would do different and new things.


I have never been here before but I’ve heard so many nice things about the city, about the people that I had to put it on my list. Maybe this might be a next stop for me.


Just like Barcelona I also have been there for a couple of days but there is some much more to explore and to learn and to discover that I need to go there again. And for me there is no excuse! It’s so near Lisbon that I don’t even know why I haven’t been there more than once.


Yes, Paris is still on my list. I have been to Paris twice now: when I was five {I don’t remember much except from Disney Land Paris} and more recently in 2014. But definelty need to make a comeback and preferentially in Autumn, love to see Paris with Autumn colours!


This is one city that I regret not having visited when I had the perfect opportunity: my sister lived there for 3 years and I have never never never visit her. Don’t even know how is that possible!


Every little photo I have seen about this city made me fall in love. It’s different but still beautiful and I bet it’s a great place to visit {and also to live!!} and it’s a city probably most of people don’t dream of visit.


This city that I never had the chance to visit but I would really love to and it’s still on my list of cities that I wouldn’t mind even a bit to live in.


Dublin is on my list because it’s Ireland, and Ireland is so beautiful and green that I have the need to see the capital and of course this city is necessary for one experience that I have on my Bucket List.
This is a slight chance I may visit this city in this summer, who knows?


Like so many other cities in the big list above, I have never visit Berlin. But would really love because 1) it’s a city full of different cultures and different people and 2) it’s a city that has so much history! Definitely was one of the first cities on my list!


In three words: North European Cities. Every main city of these Northern European Countries is on my big and not so realistic list. Of course that in my condensed list it had to be this capital!


What’s not to love about Scotland? As so many other UK cities, this one is also on my list and just like Dublin might be the next one I visit. Just need to plan, set the dates, book a flight and go.


For my friends and everyone who knows me knows that Austria has a special place in my heart despite never been there. It’s the country that I wanted to do Erasmus Exchange Program {but once that I don’t speak German my University wouldn’t have authorized me} and it is also a county and of course, a capital full of history and things to learn.


Again: Northern Countries. Also the city that I would really like to live if I ever 1) had the chance or 2) need to find a job outside Portugal.


Finally London. Last summer I had the chance to be in this city for a couple of weeks but I haven’t did the most obvious tourist things once that I was with a local and that made me have a London experience of like a local and discover some secret {but not so secret} places.


And what about you? What are the cities that are on you Europe Travel Wish-list?
Do you have any thoughts or tips for me?
Let me know!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any copyright regarding the photos above.

6 thoughts on “My Europe Travel Wish-list

  1. Great list! I really want to visit all the nordic cities you mentioned! The only one that I don’t advise you is Dublin… Sure it’s pretty, but it’s not AMAZING in my opinion. It’s a good one-day stopper, but only if you’re visiting the rest of Ireland which I’m sure is breathtaking. I also really want to visit Italy, plenty of cities there to see! And Berlin as well as the rest of Germany… well, you know! πŸ™‚

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