Tips for being organized: planing your week

I am obsessed with organization and being organized. There. I said it. I like to plan my next week every weekend at Sunday morning.


Every Sunday I have a morning ritual: wake up by 9am, eat my breakfast, watch a bit of news and then I seat down and start to plan my week.

I write everything I have to do in the next week in my agenda under a TO DO topic. Every report for work or essay for my master class.

Thinking and planing the week ahead gives me time to stay focused and to know what can I plan with my friends and family.
Despite all that sometimes it’s really complicated to have time for everything I have to do but then I remind myself that if I hadn’t plan all week on Sunday it would be even more complicated.

So today I’m sharing with you 4 things that I need to stay organized:

  • Make a (realistic) to do list;
  • Use a calendar or an agenda;
  • Write everything down (in a notebook or in cute stickers);
  • Discover in what time of the day are you more focused.

These 4 things are my top tips for staying organized either if you’re working from home, studying or just keeping track of everything.

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