The 5 best cafes in Lisbon

If you’re ready to visit Lisbon (the sunniest capital of Europe) this summer, here it is some of the best cafes in the city. Since breakfast to brunches, it is all here!

Padaria Portuguesa 

As I said before there is no such thing as visiting Lisbon and not try this place. Every person in the city loves it. There about 20 places all over the city and for me, the best thing they have it’s their Pão de Deus. Try it.


Choupana Caffe

I am crazy about brunches and they still have one the best (and cheaper) in the city. Also they have amazing cappuccinos and nutella croissants (my personal pick every time!).



One word: cupcakes. Best. Cupcakes. In. Town. Need I to say more?


Vélocité Café

This cafe is a very different one. They serve food and you can also rent a bike to stroll around the city. Also: the food is great and it is all home made. So good.


Copenhagen Coffee Lab.

This one is my absolute favourite cafe in town. They have this clean decor that its great if you like to study or to read in public places. And their coffees! If you’re a coffe lover, pay them a visit. It’s worth it. Promise.


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