The colours of London

You know that feeling take you get when you’re missing something? Today I woke up missing my time in London last year .

I can’t believe it is almost a year since I jumped on a plane, all alone and with a terrible fear of planes and everything that flies, and explored London for almost 3 weeks.


3 weeks weren’t enough to see and explore everything I wanted to, everything that was on my London Bucket List. But in a way I’m glad I didn’t do everything: that gives me a great excuse to go again.

I had assumed that London wouldn’t fit me as right as Paris does. But gosh, I was so wrong! Now I can’t even choose between Paris and London.
I  can’t even explain properly what I like the most about them. In my head I just pictured both of them in certain colours.

Paris is, for me, light pink and lavender with a touch of light yellow.
London is all blue and grey.

I guess that are the natural colours of each city. But it is this colours that I remember all too well. The colours, the energy and the people. The things that I always remember in a place that I visit.

See what I told you about the colours?

But today, today I am totally missing London and everything I did and everyone I met. I wish I could board on the next plane and just be there for a little while. 

Maybe I will do it.

2 thoughts on “The colours of London

  1. I do the same thing with relating places to colours in my head, such a strange psychological thing our brains do! Glad you liked London, would love to hear about your travels there its where I’m originally from missing it a lot 🙂

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    1. It is strange! But it is also amazing to remember a place because of certain aspects.
      I promise I will post more things about my experience in London.
      Hoping that you are currently exploring a great place,


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