Saturdays are made for exploring

Today I spent the day in this beautiful fisherman little town just outside Lisbon (40 km or something).
It’s called Sesimbra and it’s very popular in the summer & has the best sunsets just between the ocean and the mountains. 


It was so worth it. Today was sunny and 25 ºC and everyone went to the beach just to catch a little of vitamin C and fresh air (at least this is the reason I went today)!

I prefer the beach when it’s not full of people and there is no place to sit and enjoy every minute of it. Today it was quiet enough, it was amazing. And I just had this great opportunity to take some photos of sunset and of this beautiful little fisherman town.


As I said before it is a very small town but it has this beautiful streets with pretty houses and the people are very nice. And it is a great place to drink a cup of wine and enjoy seafood. 


And it is, without a doubt, a great place to watch the sunset. This photo was taken in the fort of the city with a view for the ocean and the harbor. 


Hope you all had a great saturday and had enjoyed every minute of it.

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