Planning the summer

One of the things I want to do the most is to travel, to discover new cities and new cultures.
I think that almost everyone I know loves to travel but for me there is a small problem: I am terrified of plains and just thinking about being in the air makes me very nervous.

Nevertheless I still travel to where I want to. Of course I try no to go to a place that is to far away… always try to have the smallest flight possible.

This summer I want to visit another countries in Europe so I am planning a 2 week trip.

mapa mundi.jpg
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There are some trips that are on the short list:
– United Kingdom + Ireland
– Norway + Sweden + Denmark
– Germany + Austria + Netherlands + Luxemburg + Czech Republic
– Belgium + Luxemburg Β + Switzerland + France

I have to think about it and make some choices!
Do you have any thoughts or recommendations onΒ any of this countries?Β 


4 thoughts on “Planning the summer

  1. Hi! I don’t know if you are confined to 2 weeks because of time or budget but I would highly recommend going for a little longer – even 3 weeks? If not I would reduce the amount of places you’d like to go to, and instead explore more of a smaller area if that makes sense?

    I’m from England and now live in Scotland; the British Isles are beautiful and also easy to get around but to get more for your money head elsewhere in Europe. I think this trip: Germany + Austria + Netherlands + Luxembourg + Czech Republic offers you the most variety in places you will visit and Luxembourg and Czech Republic are cheaper. However I think 2 weeks is far too little time to visit all of these, and some of the distances are quite far. In my opinion focus on just a couple of countries and try and see more than just the capital. Germany has so many great cities and countryside you could easily spend a month there! Likewise, Austria has Vienna but also beautiful mountains.

    I’m not sure if this is a helpful message at all.. sorry if it’s a bit of a mess! If I had 2 weeks and wanted to visit some of Europe, I would choose one country that I was desperate to visit, and then look at the neighbouring countries to decide where else to stop off. For example I think Belgian + Luxembourg + Germany could work? Or maybe France + Switzerland + Austria, purely because they border each other. I would be inclined to focus on 2 countries though. Last thing – France and Germany are so huge I wouldn’t even know where to start (I guess the capital), I think each deserve a trip of their own as there is so much to see and do. The likes of Austria and Luxembourg are much more manageable because they are small. I hope this is a bit helpful! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi! You were so very helpful!! Thank you for that! πŸ™‚
      I was thinking 2 weeks in August because I have other plans in the other months and in the end of August is my birthday so I wanted to be back in Portugal.
      I though in flying to one of the cities in one country, but not the capital so that I could save some money to visit more than the capital.
      And yes, you are so right, I want/need to see more than the capital, of course. And countries like Germany and Austria are so beautiful that have a lot to see and to discover.
      I have to think this pretty clearly and with time to make a proper decision.
      Your recommendations were very very helpful! I will take then into consideration. Thanks again πŸ™‚

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    1. I think that is the most important thing!
      I will fly from Lisbon, Portugal. It’s not central so the flights are very long (for me at least).
      Budapest is in my list, definitely! It seems to be a lovely city! Can’t wait to visit πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your help πŸ™‚


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