Lisbon neighbourhoods: Terreiro do Paço

Today the clouds and the rainy had given us a little break. Luckily it was exactly  in my lunch break!

I went to the street and when I noticed I was in Terreiro do Paço, downtown Lisbon, near the river. This is, in my opinion, one of the obligatory stops you have to do if you are travelling to Lisbon!

Augusta Street Arch

In this area you can find so many beautiful sights: the beautiful arch that you can go until the very top and enjoy the view over the entire city – a must for watching the sunset! -, the Tagus river with the 25th April bridge, our Christ the Kind in the other side of the river, and of course all the street and all its trams and tuk tuk’s. 

Truly a must in this amazing city!

So glad I had the time to stop by and enjoy this view even it was just for an hour. It was still worth it!

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