Early riser

Sometimes (only sometimes) waking up early has its perks. Today was one of those days!

I admit it, I don’t like waking up too early. I am way more productive after ten in the morning. However, like many others I have to wake up, at six in the morning, every day. And I don’t know who said that “it will get easier”… because it’s not getting easier…


Besides all that it has its perks, like:
1) watching the sunrise;
2) having time to eat a proper breakfast;
3) having time to stroll around the city before every one else wakes up; (a plus for me!!)
4) don’t having any stress in the last minute.

Today I had the time for all of this: I watched the sunrise on my way to work, I ate my breakfast at home  (while playing with my cat), I arrived a bit to early and had a change to walk instead of taking the underground and I haven’t stress a bit, I promise!

With all of this pros & cons: is it good or is it bad waking up early!? 


2 thoughts on “Early riser

  1. Always a pro – «raise and shine» is one of my favourite quotes so, I think it fits perfectly 🙂 I wish I had that time to eat properly before leaving home but hey, maybe I’ll follow your steps!


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