Missing the city of lights

Today I woke up missing Paris!
All the great great food (pistachio macaroons in particular), the great shops & the beautiful and unforgettable light of the city.

I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years since my last visit in July of 2014 (!!!) How time flies!!
I’m thinking that I should return to Paris in the time soon… We will see where should I travel next…

Today I’m just going to daydream about Paris, the city of love & the city of lights.

Have you ever been to Paris?
Any suggestions for my next visit are always welcome!

This photo was taken with my iPad mini in the beautiful Sacré-Coeur.

3 thoughts on “Missing the city of lights

  1. Such a beautiful city! I loved visiting all the galleries and old buildings. Plus, I did some cooking classes there which I would definitely recommend! You will have croissants coming out your ears 🙂


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