Lisbon neighborhoods: São Bento

Yesterday was a rainy day here in Lisbon, but that didn’t stop me from go for a walk.

There are a few things that I consider important in my daily life: one is having a good breakfast and the other is having time to take a walk, whether is sun or rain!

Yesterday I chose the São Bento area, near the Portuguese Parliament, to take this walk. The buildings are older but they are still beautiful and full or colors.

Portuguese Parliament & one of the famous trams (Eléctricos)


I think that the tourists don’t take much time to explore this area but it has some great things: a greet hamburger restaurant and the best gelato in town!


These two places I am talking about it Hamburgaria do Bairro and Nannarella. Check both! You will not be disappointed, promise!!

So, remember, when you visit Lisbon you should really really visit this place & of course eat the best gelato I was talking about. You can see more about Nannarella here!

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