WD Guide – Serra da Estrela


As I told you before I spent my Easter in Serra da Estrela, Portugal. This is the place to go if you’re Portuguese and you want to spend a days skiing and in the white-beautiful snow. But don’t get me wrong, I saw people from other countries! So, it is also great for everyone!

With that said, and as promised, I will share with you a guide for this pretty and lovely (during winter or summer) part of Portugal.


Let’s start with introducing to you the Serra da Estrela. It is located in the Center of Portugal and the highest point is Torre with 1,993 metres.

The easiest way to get there is definitely by car. The main roads to the very top are:
A25 –exits at Viseu (N231) , Mangualde (N232), Celorico da Beira and Guarda
A23 –exits at Covilhã, Belmonte and Guarda
N17 –exits at Seia, Guarda e Celorico da Beira


Booking an hotel is very hard during the winter times, they are always full. The simplest and easiest way to book one is with this amazing site, all dedicated to hotels in Serra da Estrela.

I would recommend you to stay, if possible in Chalés da Montanha. They are very picturesque and very comfy, promise! I’ve heard that the other places are also pretty awesome, go check for yourself!


Now the most important thing: having fun!

Skiing in the synthetic or natural snow pistes is a most. All the information you need regarding this is available to you here. This official website provides you the information on the pistes, on the weather and other activities occurring in the nearby area.



As you can see in the pictures above there is always happy kids everywhere playing in the snow, building snowmen and everything else. For me it warms my heart to see this kids, all happy, all enjoying, all smiling. It makes me remember of my own childhood.

Other things I recommend you to do:
– Climb until the very top, Torre.
– Taste and buy the famous Serra da Estrela cheese.
– Ski on the real or synthetic snow pistes.
– Follow a long pedestrian trail and discover the splendour of nature, the rivers and the lagoons (remember to do this only during the day and when it’s not snowing to avoid being lost in the middle of the snowstorm).

If you have any suggestions or advices, please share them in the comments.

With love,

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