Recipe #1 – waffle

I know that with Summer coming just around the corner, being fit, healthy and ready for summer is the most important thing.

For me is also important to enjoy a nice and not-so-healthy breakfast once in a while. My favourite breakfast food for that days is waffles or pancakes.
Today I’m sharing my favourite recipe for waffles, it’s pretty easy which is awesome for the mornings and it’s very tasty.


– 1 egg;
– 1 teacup of milk;
– 2 spoon (soup) of butter;
– 1 teacup of flour;
– 1 spoon (tea) of yeast;
– 1 spoon (soup) of sugar;
– a bit of salt.

Then you just have to mix it up pretty pretty well and it’s ready to put in your waffle machine and serve!


I usually serve it with nutella (duh), ice cream, fruits (like banana, strawberries, blueberriesraspberries, …), oat & other cereals and with yogurt.

What is your favourite breakfast food?



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